Underage Gambling

June 29, 2017 Olavi Järvinen 0

National Lottery Commission’s report shows that under age gambling has increased.

Children spend 6 UK Pounds every week on the National Lottery. The children are using their own money on a variety of gambling activities like fruit machines and scratch cards.

The leading form of underage gambling is the fruit machine. Young players’ ages range from twelve to fifteen year olds.

The report indicates that children have spent 5.73 UK Pounds on the National Lottery compared to the 2000 average of 3.22 UK Pounds.

Three quarters of eight thousand youngsters or seventy three percent had admitted that they already experienced gambling.

Twenty six percent or a quarter had admitted using their own money on some forms of gambling before they had taken the survey.

According to GamCare counselor, Barbara Meachen, most of the problem gamblers they encountered had started playing young on fruit machines and it will elevate to higher gambling forms from there.

Meachen said that some parents see children betting as just innocent fun, but problem gamblers have usually started young.

GamCare, a gambling charity based in Wales, said that gambling is addictive and children must learn to define the problem gambling and fun.

Anne Wright, chairwoman of National Lottery Commission said that they are taking prevention of under age playing seriously.…