British Casino Bill

May 17, 2018 Olavi Järvinen 0

While the average Londoner may not think a lot about casino gambling, a new bill that is being passed in the British parliament may soon make a reality out of casino style gambling and all that goes with it in Great Britain.
However, there are many problems and barriers to the bill being passed. There are many people who oppose the bill to construct new super casinos all over Brittan. They feel that the few casinos may cause many people to gamble with an avidity that can compare only to the United States, and that they will cause much compulsive gambling.
However, supporters of the bill claim that the new casinos will help solve the problem of unemployment that is rampant in the county. The claim that the casinos will help bring in much needed tax funds and will stop the British people from spending all their gambling money out of the country. In addition, they say that the new casinos will give the people pleasant things to do in their spare time.
There is still a ling way to go until the bill is passed in the upper and lower houses of parliament, but the British government is pushing for the bill to be passed by the middle of next year.…